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A whole year old! I can do so many things now! I took my first 3 unassisted steps January 8th and it won't be long before I can walk on my own! I like to go out on my push trike or stay in and take baths. I like to read books and turn the pages. I like to help mommy unload the dishwasher, listen to music, strum daddy's guitar and watch the Teletubbies. I like to eat bananas and cheese and yoghurt and other fruit. I have 4 teeth on top and 4 on the bottom.

Naughty froggy!

Don't mess with my ball!

January 8th I took my first three steps, now look at me go on January 28th!

I like to help mommy unload the dishwasher, watch me go by clicking below!


Lots of fun at TUNFUN!

February 9th

February 26th: 14 months. I don't like my stroller because I can walk like a pro now! Daddy took me to the aquarium today and I ran around looking at the fish. I like to feed myself now too! In a few days we are going to fly to America on an airplane so I can visit all of my relatives. I haven't met most of them but mommy says they have all seen pictures of me and can't wait to meet me.

February 9th

Sienna points out the cherries on Arwens shirt - Feb 21st