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I was given my daddy's last name: Manwaring. I am the first Grandchild on my daddy's side of the family. My mommy's last name is Starchild, even though her parents and sister are Watsons. I am the first Grandchild for Grandma and Grandpa Watson too, and the first Great Grandchild for Great Grandma and Grandpa Anglade as well as Great Grandma Evelyn! I am going to be SO SPOILED!

Watson / Starchild Family

from left to right: uncle Pico (de Jager), auntie Haley, Grandpa David, Grandma Diana and mommy and daddy

Manwaring Family

from left to right: uncle Alan, mommy and daddy, Grandma Janet and Grandpa Max

Great Grandma Margarita Anglade and Great Grandpa Tino Anglade

Great Grandma Evelyn Watson